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Advantages of ECOBOND panels

1. Certified quality
Ecobond® panels are certified according to the international standard ISO 9001. The Certificate corresponds to State Standards of Ukraine and Russia. The product is certified and approved for application in EU countries (Great Britain, France, Germany), as well as in Russia, Romania, Taiwan and Korea.
The quality of input raw materials is thoroughly inspected. Quality control is performed in a special laboratory for several parameters, for example: composition of aluminium alloy and its thickness, quality of the core, adhesion of the film. The laboratory is upgraded by the latest advanced equipment and is the best in the branch.

2. Fire safety
Filling of core by aluminum hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide provides resistance to the impact of direct flame. According to the Fire Resistance Certificate of Ukraine, ECOBOND®PLUS FR panels comply with the requirements of the G1 flammability group (low flammability) DSTU B V. 2.7-19-95 (State Standard GOST 30244-94) and Russian standard (Construction Standards and Rules 21-01-97, State Standard GOST 30244-94). The products correspond to the requirements of the international fire safety standard BS EN ISO 9002. At the same time, the fireproof version is cheaper at least by 30% than its European analogues.

3. Wide standard range of products in warehouse
There are 13 kinds of ACP in the product range of Ecobond® panels. Each of them has peculiar properties that make this material an optimum choice for the certain field of application. Standard product range contains several tens of colors and textures of panel surfaces. Standard panels have 2 – 6 mm thickness and several options of length and width.
It should be noted that one of the obligatory requirements imposed by the manufacturer of Ecobond® panels upon its distributors is keeping the permanent availability of the whole product range in all warehouses.

4. High quality polyester coating
New line of aluminum coil painting put into operation this year is really unique. It was developed by a group of leading companies from Germany and Taiwan that combined all advanced experience in this field. All main technological units were produced and supplied by German specialists. The line is impressive not only by its dimensions (though it’s fair to say that the standard coating lines are 5-7 times smaller), but also by the level of automation and control of production processes, as well as entire insulation from outer environment, protecting the painted surface from dust and insect ingress.
The results of the tests carried out show that the layer of polyester coating on Ecobond panels is 2 times larger compared to analogues. Owing to this property, finished products made from composite panels retain their initial appearance much longer, especially as far as outside application is concerned. It is known that polyester has practically unlimited service life in inside application, but if used outside, the coating is exposed to many influences, so large layer of polyester has a longer period of resistance to weathering and UV exposure. As estimated by Paint Quality Institute (Rohm and Haas Quality Institute - PQI), it is at least 10 years in hot climatic conditions (Florida State, USA).

5. Three-layered PVDF coating
Kynar 500® is three-layered coating based on PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). Its technology was developed by ARKEMA Company (formerly ATOFINA). Coating of ECOBOND® Plus panels is performed by the manufacturer under the license of this Company. This is a very firm thermoplastic possessing unique combination of properties:
- Mechanical strength
- High durability
- High thermal stability
- Resistance to most chemicals and solvents
- Resistance to UV and radioactive radiation
- Perfect resistance to weathering
- Color retention
- Resistance to spotting, anti-graffiti effect
- Self-cleaning from dust owing to the low surface energy
- Plasticity and elasticity
- Biological resistance to fungus, mold and microorganisms
- Low permeability for most gases and liquids
- Low flammability and combustibility, low smoke characteristics
Application of advanced painting technology Kynar 500® allows to increase warranty period of ECOBOND® Plus panels up to 25 years.

6. Protection of back side from corrosion
Ecobond® panels comply with international building requirements that provide for mandatory protection of back side from corrosion if the panels are used for facade decoration of buildings, especially in coastal area, where the panels are exposed to the salt spray impact. This condition is not standard for most ACP manufacturers, including some European brands. On the unprotected back side of ACP of other trade marks white spots emerge after the first rains. These spots are the sign of the beginning of corrosion process that may lead to destruction of aluminum layer.
Back side of all Ecobond® panels (except for Twin and Print) is painted in gray color and has the marking that indicates lot number, panel type and thickness.

7. Protection of painted surface
Front side of Ecobond® panels is always protected by special two-layered black-white film for prevention of accidental damages during transportation, stocking and mechanical treatment. Every kind of ACP has its own protective film and marking. This marking indicates the kind of the panel, color type and common recommendations on processing. Ecobond® Twin panels have protective film on the both sides. Three types of the adhesives that can be removed from the surface without any trace are used for different kinds of Ecobond ® panels. The arrows on the protective film indicate the direction of broach of a panel during its production. One must be guided by this sign when performing the initial cutting of panels and installation of facing cassettes, boxes or panels to the façades. Different directions of panels can result in diverse tints of the same color and degree of light reflection, for example, from the “metallic” surfaces. Protective film should be removed only after complete installation of the cassettes or panels, but not later than within 45 days if installed outside.

8. Adhesion
Strong interlayer adhesion, stipulated by manufacturing technology, is the most important feature of composite panels. It lends unique physical, mechanical and performance properties to the panels. As shown by the tests, adhesive layer has the property to expand by 150% with an insignificant reduction of adhesive force. It allows to make a forge-rolling of panels with a small radius with no de-lamination between metal and polymer, when considerable shear stress in the adhesive layer arises. That is why, in addition to adhesive force, elasticity is also an important requirement to the adhesive. Peel strength between aluminum sheet and polymer makes at least 16kg/2,54cm.

9. Easy processability
Elongation at break reaches 6% for Ecobond® Plus applicable for construction purpose, and 12% for other kinds of Ecobond® panels. This makes it possible to use wider allowances when milling the channels in composite panels for flanging at an angle. None of trade marks including European ACP can compare with Ecobond® on this parameter. Owing to this property, Ecobond® composite panels are perfectly suitable for machining, they neither delaminate nor crack at bends (provided that the manufacturer's processing instructions are observed). A special layer of aluminum-magnesium alloy, along with good elasticity, has a high degree of plasticity, providing the ability to bend at an angle without cracking. This property is especially valuable during forge-rolling with simultaneous bending of flange at a right angle without cracking of aluminum layer. That is why it is acknowledged by forge-rolling experts that Ecobond® ACP better than other brands can be rolled into cylindrical shape with a perfectly even flange.

10. Technical support center
Experts of Technical support center provide consulting on specific treatment and special application of composite panels. Experience accumulated by technical experts is unrivalled in its volume and diverse application, and they will be glad to share it when conducting the training programs for regular customers and by means of specialized technical brochures and support on the trade mark's website.
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